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NEW: Nominations for Board Members – Elections, October 22 @ 6:30 pm

Board Meeting, October 22 @ 6:30 pm
Open to ALL Members!

The purpose of this meeting is to elect NEW Board members! Nominations have been received for the following positions:

President:  Cary Ralston (currently Andy Fenstermacher)
VP Pools:  Rachel Siddall  (currently Nancy Metz)
Treasurer:  Bobby Madison (currently Donna Lawson)
Secretary:  Robin Balsamo (currently Bill Watt)
VP Buildings and Grounds:  John Donovan (currently Robert Brandau)

Many thanks to those who have stepped up to take on leadership roles with BACA.  All other parties interested in serving should attend.

Many thanks also to the retiring members for their dedication and hours and sweat and patience and time and whatever other great things volunteers do! :)


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